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Longing For God’s Closeness By Ayesha Syahira

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Title: Longing For God’s Closeness: Rediscovering the Beauty of Daily Prayers
Author: Ayesha Syahira
Publisher: IMAN Publication
Year Published: 2021
Language: English
ISBN: 9789672459163
Page: 285 m/s
Format: Softcover

Ayesha Syahira’s upcoming book about solah uncovers her secret gems and reflections on how she prepares herself for solah and how she stays focused and present while doing her five daily prayers.

It is not easy to reach the level of khushoo’ in each of your five daily prayers. Therefore, in this book, Ayesha opens up about her spiritual self-journey to attain her relationship with Allah and her struggles to be fully content and at peace in her solah.

She also shares her reflections and knowledge on finding true beauty in solah through patience, effort and determination.
Related Keywords: Quran, Ramadan, preparation, ayesha shahira

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  1. moonkarim_92

    Packaging bagus, barang boekk

  2. n*****n


  3. anisnnurariesya

    dalam keadaan baik

  4. f*****a

    Great book.
    Tak terkejut sebab datangnya dari Ayesha.
    Recommended if you are longing for God 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
    Thank you ❤

  5. m*****h


  6. arisyadzahier

    Book arrived in a really good condition. Mind u theyre not sealed btw. But well wrapped. I really love Ayesha Syahira way of writing. Very easy to understand!!!

  7. a*****a

    Ordered 14/06, received 18/04. Fast delivery. Fully bubble wrapped, no dent at all. Third book already bought from author. Really good writing. Recommended seller!

  8. fazilah_pajie

    Thanks for the books. Good quality and have pretty much discount, that’s what I love. Will repeat it soon.

  9. najwanurfarah


  10. azni_fm


  11. a*****2

    Bought these on 6/6 hehe worth the wait la sbb shopee pay stuck masa tu 😭🙂 thank you for always producing good quality books

  12. y*****5

    this is my second book i purchased from ayesha!!! i love it!! the first book is TTA and the contents are so good and calm 🙂
    Thanks for make this kind of books!! ❤❤

  13. a*****9

    Terimmaaaaaa kasihhhhhh banyakkkkkkkkk…… Barangggg dahhhhhh sampaiiiiii……

  14. nadirahnasirr

    Books received in good condition. Takde rosak kemek ke apa. Cepat pun ye. Tak sabar nk baca semua

  15. mellimaan

    Good packaging as always!

  16. d*****9

    Received all with good condition. Thank you seller👍

  17. nkfreight


  18. r*****m

    Love this so much… Thank you seller❤ Hope I can manage my time well to read a books

  19. syfqhsayuthi

    Arrived in a good condition. 👍🏻

  20. aqmarul90

    Alhamdulillah.. Tq Iman

  21. syahirahraduan


  22. n*****6

    Arrived ❤️ Cant wait to read it later. Btw, fast delivery too

  23. syazlinaauni


  24. n*****h

    Yayy dah sampai. Thank you seller! Buku semua dibalut rapi with bubble wrap. Tak sabar nak bacaa hehe

  25. s*****_

    aaaaaaaa love it so much, cant wait to read thisssss. ayesha’s writing is soo soothing that it can tear people’s eyes 😭

  26. qiynazainol


  27. umuumumu


  28. _*****_


  29. aliahazm99


  30. a*****l

    thank you so much seller for the best service….I love it so much…

  31. 123lion


  32. n*****e

    wrap perfectly! thank u so much!

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  34. w*****a


  35. aina_athirah


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  37. masaziana


  38. zarithc

    Securely wrapped. Fast delivery 👍🏻

  39. n*****h

    Love love love the books! Thank you for the nice and secure packaging ✨✨

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